• The Power of Positivity

    The Irish Farmers Journal did an article recently on the power of positivity that was discussed at the Women & Agriculture Conference which was attended by 600 woman. Maureen Gaffney says “the ability to adapt in humans is extraordinary, but it’s not enough to keep calling on our reserves of resilience...

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  • What Is Life Coaching?


    Our definition of coaching: Caring about the journey of another, whilst respecting their goals, and unlocking their potential to maximizing their goals. Other definitions of Coaching: Coaching helps define, and then create, a legacy from the passion within. Coaching is a partnership about exploring the potential to maximize,...

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  • Life Coach – A Day In The Life


    Article courtesy of The Irish Independent: Guide on the road to success I was never interested in the medical end of things, or following my parents’ careers, but it’s a family trait that we’re all interested in helping people. When I was in Trinity, I could always be found sitting in the medical library,...

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  • Welcome To Our New Site


    Our new site has just launched. Feel free to browse around and let us know what you think via on the Contact page.

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