This weekend Sligo is again a hive of activities for sport fans. On Saturday night  Sligo Rovers v Shelbourne play in the Showgrounds where Sligo Rovers will chase a win against Shelbourne. So far the Rovers have won all eight competitive games in 2013, earning a five point lead at the top of the Premier Division and reaching the Setanta Cup semi-finals. Sunday see’s Sligo GAA tog out as they hope to finish on a winning note as they play the gardening county Wicklow in the National league division 3 in Markevichz park. A game not to be missed, as it promises to be full of action.

So what is in it for the sports fan. This weekend will be the same as many others  in our house. Getting the dinner on time, making sure that everything is ready to get to the match on time. You can feel the energy levels rise as match time approaches, and then we are off. The atmosphere in the grounds is electric and everyone is buzzing waiting for the game to start. Fans from both sides are there, and everyone hopes for a good outcome for their team  I go to watch my son play and I am one of those mothers who stands there with my heart pounding and I feel like I am on the pitch. For others they can watch the match, and give the team vital information on how the match should be played.

 As we cheer on our favourite team, this can help us burn extra calories, helping us to stay on top of our own workout routine. It can even boost our relationships, and  keep our brain and bodies young. The psychology and social impact for the spectators who identify with a local team has many benefits. Having an automatic group to belong to can in turn increase self esteem and decrease the feeling of loneliness which can boost our mental health, and well being. This is a very important aspect of being a sport fan.

Through involvement in sport either by partaking in the sport or watching it, we see teamwork at its best. I  have the height of respect for our players, as they take pride in their achievements, especially for the player who has a bad day on the field but manages to bounce back into the game. Here is another great weekend of sport on our doorsteps, wishing best of luck to all our teams, and  hoping I see you at the match.



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