This is the time of the year that is associated with graduations. A time when students from all disciplines graduate with the conferring of an academic degree. A time where all students, family and friends pride soars as the students are conferred. A time for reflecting over college friendships and the support that has been in place to help them achieve their goals; enabling them to be the “Best they can be”.

Yes graduates need to be resilient. It is also for many a time of uncertainty and change; never more than in 2012.  In an age of constant change, uncertainty, growing challenges and expectations we never know what’s around the corner, graduates need to be able to adjust and adapt. The ability to draw on relationships and supports that have developed over the college years can make us more resilient.

Resilience has been defined as an attitude that enables the individual to examine, enhance and utilise the strengths, characteristics and other resources available to him or her. Resilience is vital for us to reach deadlines and achieve all our tasks in our day to day lives, both personally and professionally. Resilience is one of the most valuable characteristics you can develop in life. People succeed when they have resilience.  By being resilient, graduates can achieve the goals that have been made for 2012/2013.

Well done to all graduates of 2012.


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