Our definition of coaching: Caring about the journey of another, whilst respecting their goals, and unlocking their potential to maximizing their goals.

Other definitions of Coaching: Coaching helps define, and then create, a legacy from the passion within.

Coaching is a partnership about exploring the potential to maximize, and energise, to bring into focus and to enable a new identity to emerge. The only thing that is certain for any of us in uncertainty. Taken this into account with coaching we need to stay in the here and now, that is certainty.  Each client knows their own goals and they own their own actions to their own solutions, knowing that it is up to them. The coach can make that a reality by asking good questions to bring the client forward in their world.

The strongest force we have is our identity, and when the client can see theirs then they are empowered. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the trainee, and it works from a place of strength, not weakness. With support and empathy from the coach, the coachee has the choice to reach their full potential in life. Taking a step forward in their new identity can open a whole new world, and feeling of empowerment can open a new way of being.



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