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Guide on the road to success
I was never interested in the medical end of things, or following my parents’ careers, but it’s a family trait that we’re all interested in helping people.

When I was in Trinity, I could always be found sitting in the medical library, reading psychology and self-help books. I’d no interest in the arts library.

Although I travel a lot with my work, and I see lots of people for coaching, there are certain things that I do each day. After all, habits are what make you. If you do something consistently, then it becomes part of you.

Like a lot of people, I set an alarm clock, and then wake up two minutes before it goes off. Your unconscious mind knows what time it is. I get up at 7am. I read some of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: The Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.

Then it’s time for my morning questions, such as ‘What am I happy about? What am I grateful for? What am I committed to doing today?’

I have 15 sheets of A4 paper, which are the sub-consciousness sheets. Everything that feeds into our minds helps dictate how our lives turn out. Some of the sheets are to do with wealth, a couple are related to emotional well-being, and so on. I bring these sheets everywhere with me. I read all 15 each morning. It’s a vital part of my daily routine, and takes an hour. I start the routine in bed, as soon as I wake up.

It takes me 10 minutes to shower and get ready for the day, and then I do a 15 minute tidy-up, a 15 minute work-out, and I spend 15 minutes making and eating a very healthy breakfast of raw broccoli, chilli powder and olive oil. Two hours after waking, I’m ready to start working. And I love my work. I get so excited about it.

My days are divided into coaching days, and non-coaching days. I send all clients a comprehensive questionnaire to complete before their coaching session. I therefore know about all different aspects of their life, and their aspirations before we meet.

A private coaching session lasts four hours, and is hugely intense, tiring – and rewarding – for both the client and me.

If it’s a day when I’ve a seminar to attend, then I may have to get up at 5am in order to get everything done. No matter where I am in the world, or what my schedule is, the routines have to be completed.

A non-coaching day involves ten different segments, including book publishing, my nutrition business, sorting out administration to do with coaching, or my showbiz boot camp, where I coach people who want to be famous. I also organise my finances, look at ways of increasing my finances, such as inventing new gadgets and patenting them, and examine investment options such as real estate and stocks and shares. I’m also involved in two nightclubs, and I make the time to complete any extras, such as writing an article, or meeting someone.

I almost always coach a client just once, and then follow it up with two phone calls. A lot of life coaches see clients more than once, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I empower clients, and teach them how to coach themselves.

I prefer the term ‘Success Coach’. It’s about taking you from where you are now, to where you could be, or want to be in life. I spent seven years studying with all the best people, including Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

People contact me after word-of-mouth recommendations. I know that the coaching has transformed people, who were perhaps stuck in a rut. A lot of people are now getting on great in their lives. There’s one former client, and I can’t name her, who is now very well known in Ireland. And she changed jobs before she found success.

I charge ?600 for the coaching session and follow-up calls. At least that way I know that people are committed to making the very most of it.

It’s wonderful to get feedback from people, even years later, who pinpoint that coaching session as the catalyst for their current success and happiness

I call it practical magic. I love helping people to help themselves. That’s what I do. I’m very quick to identify what exactly is wrong, and then we work on making it better.

And I do walk my talk. I can’t tell someone about the importance of being healthy if I don’t eat properly or work out regularly. Yet you see some life coaches who are overweight. If you are the leader, then you have to go first. When I’m in San Diego, I go to the gym or for a long walk on the beach. When I’m in Dublin, I go to Jane Shortall’s hip-hop classes – they’re super-energising.

I’m a vegan, and I eat very well, lots of slow-burning foods. I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t have those sugars in my system.

I also do something special just for me every day, whether it’s reading a magazine, having a massage, or talking to a friend that I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

The evening routine takes half an hour – 15 minutes of tidying, and then the evening questions: ‘How was I a giver today? What did I learn today? How did my life change today for the better?’ Then I read the sub-consciousness sheets again.

Occasionally I’ll have an extra-healthy day food-wise, or I might treat myself to some processed food at the weekends, such as wholegrain bread. Then again, I suppose that my idea of an unhealthy treat is what most people would consider a healthy food! I mostly eat pulses, beans, wholegrains and vegetables, but a huge selection of vegetables, perhaps 20 in a week. I’m sure some people don’t even realise that there are 20 vegetables available.

Juice on South Great Georges Street does great salads and vegetable juices. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to vegan restaurants in San Diego. There’s one called Ki, just outside the city, where you can sit and eat and look out over the ocean.

I lead a very full life, but I never feel busy. The whole concept of hurrying, of fighting against time to fit things in, isn’t something I relate to. I do exactly what I want in exactly the time I want. I know that’s another alien concept to most people, but it is possible.

I’m making money now, but I did spend ages training and travelling to get to the level I’m at. I also do a lot of voluntary work. I’ve two friends called Flo and Michelline that I love meeting up with on a Saturday. They’re two people who are hugely interested in life. We meet up in the Merrion Hotel for lunch, and end up sitting in the garden talking until it’s time for dinner.

I’m part of Tony Robbins’ leadership team, so that means travelling to seminars. I don’t give the seminars, but I’m there to help out. I travel somewhere every six weeks. If I’m in Europe, then I always come back to Dublin.

My life is great fun. I have some wonderful people in my life. I’ve family in California as well as here, and I love hanging out with both sets.

I like to read self-help books, or books about investing your money wisely. I don’t read fiction. The one time I really flake out is at the cinema. The trashier and more throwaway the film, the more likely that I’ll go to see it. I don’t like to watch heavy dramas. I’ll read reviews, and if I see a film get five stars, then I know it’s really worthy and not for me. If it gets one star, then that’s the film for me.

I recently saw the Charlie’s Angels film, and the latest Tomb Raider one, and loved them. I am Lara Croft! Legally Blonde 2 is next on my list of must-sees.

I’m in bed by 11pm. I can survive on five hours sleep, but sometimes I like to give my body the chance to rest for longer. I could spend two hours meditating before sleeping. I dream vividly and in colour, and always have total recall of them.


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